Romney: American Exceptionalist

Governor Romney believes in American exceptionalism, that we are great not just because of our military and economic power but also because of our values. The current president does not. … He believes in engagement – which has often not worked – while the governor believes we should say what we believe and work from a position of strength.

Richard Williamson, a leading Republican foreign policy specialist and adviser to the Romney campaign


2 thoughts on “Romney: American Exceptionalist

  1. I know from my experience living in the US that almost all, and not just the government, but ordinary citizens are definitely sure that the US is the greatest nation on this planet. From a country like Japan that does not have the confidence to tell the world “We are number 1,” this way of thinking might sound absurd. However, this is normal in the US, having pride, and somewhat arrogance for their own country. And simply, Romney just wanted to put more emphasis on that part of the US culture, and use it to help him win against Obama.

  2. According to this post, Romney is a believer of American Exceptionalism and I read about it in Wikipedia. In Wikipedia, the term American Exceptionalism is very common among the Republican Party. In this sense, I understand that Romney is really typical Republican. And apart from this article (speaking of American Exceptionalism), to me, the reason why many presidents from Republican Party did or had positive opinions toward invasions USA did to foreign countries is that many of them believed America was the number one in the world and we could do everything we want because what we do is right.
    And maybe in my opinon, Romney will do some military intervention (ex Syria or another Arab country) to other countries in order to expand American values. And lastly, American Exceptionalism is somewhat related to Evangelism because Evangelists have a destiny of expanding their Christianity values (and believers of American Exceptionalism also have destiny of expanding American values to those who don’t know about it).

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