Nicola Furlong Family Speaks Out

Nicola Furlong (right) with her sister Andrea

The brave, courageous family of murdered Irish exchange student Nicola Furlong is speaking out just three weeks after their daughter was killed.  Richard Hinds, a 19-year-old Memphis Tennessee man who grew up playing piano at his church, has been charged with Nicola’s murder after he confessed to Tokyo police that he strangled Nicola for rebuffing his sexual advances.

The family states that nothing will bring back their daughter even if justice is served.  Her younger sister, with whom Nicola was best friends, said that she hasn’t even come to terms with her sister being gone.  Nicola’s father expresses confidence in the Tokyo criminal justice system where 98% of charges lead to convictions.

Read the article and in particular watch both interviews with the parents and sister.  The Furlong family comes across as incredibly loving and my heart breaks as I listen to them express such emotional pain.  It is so true that nothing will bring back their daughter and sister, but I hope the Furlong family finds some peace over time.  May the vibrant spirit of their daughter live with them forever and may their memories of Nicola be of how she lived her life with a sense of joy and great adventure.