American Manufacturing: Did You Know?

A look at the state of the manufacturing industry in the United States as seen at the Second Annual “Conference on the Renaissance of American Manufacturing: Jobs, Trade and the Presidential Election” on March 27, 2012.  These are shocking statistics about the once leading manufacturing nation on the planet.


2 thoughts on “American Manufacturing: Did You Know?

  1. Pretty amazing stats. The reason manufacturing went overseas was due to the need to increase the corporate profit margin. American labor was too expensive. So the video is stating that we as taxpayers should further subsidize global industries to bring work here that will employ more people at rock bottom levels, as is done in China (and most likely deny their right to organize and negotiate benefits)? The solutions proposed may simply drive the corporations from U.S. shores in a global economy for those that are still there. There’s no easy way back in a global economy for a nation of consumers.

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