Obama: Comedian or Commander-in-Chief?

Watch a professional comedian Jimmy Kimmel do his comedy routine

Watch President Barack Obama do his comedy routine

On Saturday, 28 April, the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner took place at the Washington Hilton.  The charity event, which raises money to support journalism scholarships, includes a popular American comedian as well as the American president engaging in a stand-up routine.  This year’s comedian was Jimmy Kimmel, host of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” included several digs at the state of American journalism.  Here are a few:

What’s black and white and red (read) all over? Nothing anymore.  (The answer used to be “a newspaper.”)

Some people say journalism is in decline, they say you’ve become too politicized, too focused on sensationalism, they say you no longer honor your duty to inform America but instead actively divide us so that your corporate overlord can rake in the profits.  I don’t have a joke for this, it’s just what some people say.

Kimmel was expected to poke fun at the American president, Barack Obama, and here are a few of his jokes.

Mr. President, I know you won’t be able to laugh at any of my jokes about the Secret Service so cover your ears if that is physically possible.

If you told me when I was a kid I would be standing on a dais with President Barack Obama, I would have said, ‘The president’s name is Barack Obama?’

Mr. President, remember when the country rallied around you in hopes of a better tomorrow.  That was hilarious.

You know the real reason people think you are from Kenya has nothing to do with your birth certificate.  It is the fact that you lost so much weight everyone thought you were the Kenyan that won the Boston Marathon.

He also went after the Republicans in attendance and the elites in the room.

I have my own theory about Lincoln’s death.  I think John Wilkes Booth was innocent, and I don’t even think it was an assassination.  I think Lincoln had a vision of what the Republican Party would become in 100 years, and he shot himself.

What a collection of people.  Here in one room we have members of the media, politicians, corporate executives, advertisers, lobbyists, and celebrities.  Everything that is wrong with America is here in this room tonight.

Obama got in some good one-liners too:

Four years ago, I was locked in a brutal primary battle with Hillary Clinton. Four years later she won’t stop drunk-texting me from Cartegana.

Obama on Romney: We both have degrees from Harvard. I have one, he has two. What a snob.

Last year at this time, this very weekend, we finally delivered justice to one of the world’s most notorious individuals. (Displays Photo of Donald Trump)

What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull? A pitbull is delicious.


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