Killing Bin Laden Ad

Watch this controversial 2012 ad that gives Obama credit for his commander-in-chief decisiveness about killing Osama bin Laden. Many critics, including myself, consider this ad from Obama’s “Truth Team” to be tacky and not befitting the office of president of the United States.


2 thoughts on “Killing Bin Laden Ad

  1. Killing Osama Bin Laden had more to it. We are talking about a man who had killed more than 3000 American citizens. Contrary to Romney, I thought it was worth it to invest billions of dollars to find one person. However, this ad may have looked tacky for President Obama. It was a little strange for me when people in America were celebrating one man’s death, even though we all know what Bin Laden did. This ad makes it more strange because it makes it sound like President Obama had a choice whether to kill him or not and he was torn about it. I don’t think he even hesitated once to catch Bin Laden. This ad makes him a hero that he made the right choice.
    I don’t want to agree on the fact that President Obama was the only one who made the choice. It was also the American citizens hope too, thus to pay respect for the 3000 lost. Advertisements always make one more superior than another so that he/she looks better to the people. I can imagine that making ads are very sensitive and can be provocative.

  2. I always feel skeptical about the presidency campaign in the U.S. and especially its ads, because most of them seem to be unrelated to the politics itself. Mr. Obama did manage to kill Osama Bin Laden but that does not necessarily make him a good politician. Romney criticizing on how much government funds were being used by Osama’s killing is on point, (although I am sure Americans “masses” might disagree with me). This does not prove that Romney will be a worse president than Obama. I do not like the way both Obama and Romney create these “tacky” campaign ads, but what I do not like the most is that the people somehow accept them and get influenced by them.

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